Eremophila Nivea

Lavender Bells   The pretty soft flowers of Eremophila Nivea "Blue Velvet"   Just a quick update on the NSW Bushfire crisis. It is getting worse. The Gospers Mountain fire is at emergency level. Green Wattle Creek Fire has now crossed lake Burragorang and is out of control and travelling quickly towards Oakdale and Nattai.... Continue Reading →

NSW Christmas Bush

Christmas Star   A very much loved Australian Native Plant of mine is Ceratopetalum Gummiferum Albery's Red. Also known as NSW Christmas Bush.   A few quick phone pics from yesterday as the smoke, ash and dirt became unbearable. This was taken from home.   I usually have clear views of the Blue Mountains from... Continue Reading →

Early December in the Gardens

Monday is my garden morning where I water and do garden maintenance, and this morning was particularly smoky. Eremophila Nivea Blue Velvet   As water restrictions start in a couple of weeks I thought I would try my hand at watering with the watering can. I so hate the thought of my poor plants suffering... Continue Reading →

Magnolia Little Gem

Unfurling   There is just something about Magnolia Little Gem. With a fragrance to knock you out and large glossy green foliage with bronze underneath.   Magnolia Little Gem grows well in part shade to full sun. It is suitable as a tub specimen for quite a few years.   For Photographers and Gardeners the... Continue Reading →

Bush Fire Days

These images were taken down the road at home. My husband had to hold me steady as I took them. The air was filled with dirt and smoke. "Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever." Roy T. Bennett, The Light In The Heart.     "There is a saying in Tibetan,... Continue Reading →

November In The Garden

Eremophila Decipiens Late November in the garden still has many plants in bloom, such as Eremophila Decipiens.   Xerochrysum Bracteata Light Pink   I have this one planted in the side strip along the driveway. These bright daisies are pretty, short lived perennials and can get kinda scruffy if you don't look after them well.... Continue Reading →

Septembers Flowers

Sweet Poem   Pretty Serruria Flowers caught my eye in early Spring, I aways admire the flowers on this plant when I am in the nursery and finally picked up the prettiest colour which I think is Pretty N Pink. It currently resides in the back garden in a pot as there is no room... Continue Reading →

Camellia Gardens

The Rose Garden, Camellia Gardens. A quick stop in at E G  Waterhouse Camellia Gardens at Caringbah NSW. Roses were in full bloom in the Rose Garden, and not much has changed in this section at all. Camellia Gardens  I always like the walk along this path, it is always beautiful and well maintained. A... Continue Reading →

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Kangaroo Paws "Bush Fury" Anigozanthos hybrid In the front garden,  I have one clump of this and it started months ago and is still going strong and sending up new flower stalks for me. In the bed where the Kangaroo Paws dwell, I popped a little Flannel Flower, ( Actinotus Helianthi Starbright) plant, in next... Continue Reading →

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